Between Heaven and Earth
Lanjaron 18420 | Andalusia Spain


Spring 2017

Spring Equinox the real New Year, after the long nights of winter and the time for reflection and seeing where changes are necessary it is now time for us to blossom forth, like nature – to show off our new colours, be proud of the changes we are introducing into our lives.

Here is the new pool: 

That was a long birthing process over 2 years!  The new plants / filtering system are just beginning to come up, and will look a lot better in a month or so.  There is a solar pump, which is really just a little purr that keeps the water flowing throughout the sunlight hours. The dragonflies are beginning to take up residence and I have even heard the croak of a frog – or two!

This year I am also introducing Raw Retreats with a local English lady – Pamela.  The explanations and demonstrations will happen in the mornings and then in the afternoons either go guided foraging on the mountainside, relax, have massages or visit the area.  We can put them on for a minimum of 2 people (as we are both local, so don’t have any overheads getting here) and a maximum of 8.  Come with a partner, a friend, a small group (hen night, old school friends, etc) or following a detox retreat and learn how to prepare simple healthy options for yourself.  I have added photos to the website, so check them out, and we both look forward to hearing from you in the future.



Happy Gregorian New Year to everyone.!

I believe that New Year should be at the beginning of Spring - when everything is waking up from its winter hibernation. 

But is that the end of February according to TCM or March according to the western world?

The olive harvest was fantastic and a lot of people have signed up to help out next year… but this year I now have over 200 litres for sale!

At last this new area for relaxing and enjoying the company of others is finished!  As we have been doing major alterations to the pool, as a result, this area took some time.  A neighbour made that  large 200 kilo table,  Wibbs put up the strong posts, then Pierre moved all the white stones, and I have put up the swings and am still oiling the wood.  So there is now a large table for holding group events or mandalas outside in the garden.  There will be a cover in the summer, so we can stay out there under its shade.

As you can see it overlooks the pool, so will be a good place to be part of the pool fun and also offer respite from the sun.  It is a wifi free zone, the wifi is only available in the day time in the house for people to catch up with friends, family or work….





There are several interesting and different Workshops in the pipeline for begining 2017, but I will post more information about them in due course..

The natural pool is being remodeled at the moment and will be finished by the end of November – and will be beautiful…. photos to follow!


From the 12th to 16th  December we have the important Olive Picking from some of my trees with Manolo in charge – see photo.

I have already asked if anyone would like to come and help us out- in exchange for food and lodging.  There are still a couple of spaces left and I also offer a day or two before and after the week- to relax and visit this special area.  Therefore I would be expecting people to arrive around the 10th and leave around the 18th/19th December.

We will be using a special machine that shakes the trees – so your work will be putting down the nets, collecting the olives and discarding all the larger branches.  We will be working from about 9am to 5pm with an hour off for lunch and of course tea breaks.

We will then take the first catchment of olives to a Coperative mill in Lanjaron on either Thursday 15th or Friday 16th followed up by a traditional fresh olive oil 'Tasting'  - since the fresh oil actually comes back the same day!. Amazing!   

You will all be given a litre of the fresh oil  that you have helped to pick, to take home with you – so it would be helpful if you could book your flights (with baggage)- if possible.

The food here is all organic- vegetarian, with plenty growing in the vegetable garden at the moment, plus avocados just coming back into season – so there will be masses of them!.  The particular fruit in season up until Christmas here is not well known outside of southern Spain,- called ' chirimoya', or custard apple in English - but -  it doesn’t taste much like either custard or apple-but has an interesting flavour !

There will be plenty of time in the evenings if you want to go down into town for the famous Tapas (or just to enjoy a beer,or wine, meat or  fish).

 So anyone interested in joining us - please let me know asap - just 2 places left!!